Capabilities Overview

As an Industrial MEP and Civil contractor, specializing in pharmaceutical, food processing, wood, auto and general manufacturing, we’ve served in a variety of capacities, such as new plant construction to plant shut-down projects to maintenance services.    With well over 400 years of management experience in this field, we bring quality strategies and reliable partnerships to each of your needs.

Currently, we have over 200 people serving on our projects with 130 as Employee-Owners. We have a growing recruitment and retention program designed to train and raise up a new generation of electricians, welders and skilled tradesmen.   One of our largest projects in the last couple of years included over $30 million dollars requiring 125 men on site.  And, yet, at the same time, we’re happy to supply two men to accomplish a project for a day, if that’s your need.

With an outstanding Safety Team leading our efforts, we achieved the milestone in 2020 of reaching 4.5 Million man-hours with no lost time! Our current EMR (Experience Modification Rate) of .86 is consistently below the industry average, with a ISN score of an A. We believe in the highest standard of safety excellence from each person within Freedom Industries and will accept nothing less from our team on your site.

Request For Quote

If you would like to discuss your project or submit a request for quote, contact us at 1-877-564-6836, or email You may also complete our online form to request information.