Freedom Stories

Electrical Superintendent

“I have been employed at Freedom Industries for almost fourteen years. Since I started I have seen a lot of changes. The company name has changed. Some faces have changed. The company logo has changed. But the most important things have not changed. The companies mission statement and core values. Because of these, I have seen lots of growth for this company. Freedom is family oriented and cares about their employees. I have personally experienced this many times. I am proud to be a part of the Freedom team.”

Pharmaceutical Industry

“I just came from the Boiler House and reviewed the job of moving the conduits for the steam pipe installation. Your folks did a very good job and in a very timely manner. I want to thank you and your team for addressing this for us.”

Pharmaceutical Industry

“Freedom Industries began work at our facility on a project which had a very aggressive schedule to meet. Freedom logged over 19,000 safe man-hours on this project and was a definite key contributor to the successful completion of the construction and checkout phases. I personally believe that Freedom provides the highest quality of electrical construction. All the hours that we have logged with no safety concerns is a testament of their professionalism. The quality of installation is second to none; equipment and conduits are straight and neat in appearance. Freedom maintains a skillful and professional workforce, which is representative by the quality of services provided.”

Industrial Manufacturing

“We have been searching for a reliable and efficient Electrical Contractor to work with since we opened. I must say, we are pleasantly surprised at the speedy install your guys performed at our facility.”

Plant Manager, Wood Manufacturing Facility

“We are very pleased and thankful having you guys working for us! I think we are making good progress and your guys are doing excellent and high-quality work which I highly appreciate. We will definitely continue working with Freedom Industries and more jobs will come up soon. ”