Freedom Stories

Mechanical Superintendent

“When I started working at Freedom Industries I didn't know what to expect. But I soon learned the culture and it was definitely a company I knew I wanted to be a part of. There are a lot of great benefits to working at Freedom. First of all, the ESOP… it gets me excited to be part-owner of the place I work … where my quality of work and my pride goes into everything, every day. Freedom offers continuing education and encourages everyone to work on moving up in the company. And lastly, they are willing to help everybody, both at work and in their personal lives, and I think that’s amazing. Freedom Industries is a great company with which to work!”

Pharmaceutical Industry

“I want to take a moment and thank you and your entire team at Freedom for the fine services you’ve provided us over the years; including a recent plant wide shut-down. Your team is always well organized, responsive and prepared to meet our demands. Having thoughtful, dependable and hardworking service professionals available to us such as those at Freedom is very reassuring for our operations and to me personally.”

Plant Manager, Wood Manufacturing Facility

“We are very pleased and thankful having you guys working for us! I think we are making good progress and your guys are doing excellent and high-quality work which I highly appreciate. We will definitely continue working with Freedom Industries and more jobs will come up soon. ”