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Heavy Industrial

"Rapid Response, Results, Relationships"

Fixing Electricity Lines

Our Electrical/Instrumentation Unit is the muscle behind our Heavy Industrial Operations, focusing on the electrical and control needs of major industrial sites.

This essential service ensures that all electrical systems and instruments work in harmony, providing the reliability, safety, and efficiency that tough industrial tasks demand

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Our Mechanical Service is the foundation of our Heavy Industrial Team, delivering top-notch mechanical know-how for big industrial projects.

We're all about precision, dependability, and top performance, making sure that complex industrial operations are up and running smoothly, efficiently, and up to the highest standards in the business.


Our Civil & Structural Team specializes in laying down strong foundations, erecting structural steel, and reinforcing foundational walls for substantial industrial projects.

Our expertise ensures that the groundwork and structure of every project are meticulously crafted, providing the stability and durability needed for large-scale operations. 

Leading the charge in constructing the industrial titans of today's era, our team is a key collaborator for architects, project managers, and stakeholders within the heavy industrial landscape. With a focus on building facilities such as power plants, refineries, nuclear facilities, mining operations, and oil sands projects - we offer unmatched expertise and a dedicated team,
setting new standards in industrial construction.

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