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Certified UL508A Panel Shop
Ensuring Compliance and Precision in Panel Design

"Rapid Response, Results, Relationships"

At Freedom Industries we take pride in being a Certified UL508A Panel Shop, offering expert services in the design, construction, and certification of electrical control panels. Our commitment to UL508A standards ensures that your industrial control panels meet the highest safety and quality requirements in the Pharmaceutical, Industrial Manufacturing, and Food Processing industries.

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Key Components of Our
UL508A Panel Shop Services:

  1. Panel Design and Engineering:
    Our services include comprehensive panel design and engineering, tailored to the specific needs of your industrial processes. Whether it's motor control panels, PLC panels, or custom control panels, our designs prioritize functionality, safety, and compliance with UL508A standards.

  2. Component Selection and Integration:
    We offer precise instrumentation wiring for sensors, transmitters, actuators, and other control devices. Our installations ensure reliable connections, minimizing signal interference and ensuring accurate data transmission.

  3. Wiring and Assembly:
    Our skilled technicians execute precise wiring and assembly of control panels, adhering to strict UL508A guidelines. The meticulous assembly process ensures the integrity of electrical connections, minimizing the risk of faults and ensuring the safety of your electrical systems.

  4. UL508A Certification:
    As a Certified UL508A Panel Shop, we undergo regular audits and inspections to ensure compliance with UL standards. Our certification guarantees that the control panels we design and build meet the stringent safety and performance criteria set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Our Approach to
UL508A Panel Design and Construction:

  1. Client Consultation:
    We engage in thorough consultations to understand your specific control panel requirements, including functionality, capacity, and environmental considerations.

  2. UL508A Compliant Design:
    Leveraging our industry expertise, we procure wiring solutions that optimize the connectivity of instrumentation devices. We prioritize signal integrity, reliability, and scalability to accommodate future expansions or modifications.

  3. Precision Assembly:
    Our skilled technicians execute precision wiring and assembly, following industry best practices and ensuring that each control panel meets the specified design requirements.

  4. Quality Control and Testing:
    Rigorous quality control measures and testing procedures are implemented to verify the functionality and safety of each control panel. This includes checks for proper wiring, insulation, and adherence to UL508A standards.

Benefits of Our Certified
UL508A Panel Shop Services:

  1. Safety Assurance:
    Our UL508A certification ensures that the control panels we build adhere to the highest safety standards, minimizing the risk of electrical hazards.

  2. Compliance with Regulations:
    Our panels comply with UL508A standards, meeting regulatory requirements and providing assurance of quality and safety.

  3. Reliability:
    Precise design, quality components, and meticulous assembly contribute to the reliability and longevity of the control panels we build.

  4. Scalability:
    Our panel designs are scalable, accommodating future expansions or modifications to your industrial processes.

Client-Centric Results

Choosing Freedom Industries for your Certified UL508A Panel Shop needs means partnering with a team dedicated to delivering results that align with the highest safety and quality standards.

Benefit from control panels that not only meet regulatory requirements but also exceed expectations for performance and reliability.

Ready to elevate your control panel solutions?

Contact us today to discuss how our expertise as a Certified UL508A Panel Shop can enhance the safety and efficiency of your facility.

Shop Testing

Our in-house nondestructive testing (NDT) capabilities include:

  • Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI’s)

  • Visual Testing (VT)

  • Penetrant Testing (PT)

  • Radiographic Testing (RT)

  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)

  • Helium Leak Testing


Our in-house trainings include:

  • Confined Space

  • OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour Construction Safety

  • CPR, First Aid and AED

  • Lock Out / Tag Out

  • Forklift, Aerial, and Scissor Lift Operation

  • Respiratory Fit Testing

  • Substance Abuse Testing


Our in-house nondestructive testing (NDT) capabilities include:

  • Standard for Safety For Industrial Control Equipment
    “UL 508 A” (Up To 1500 Volts)

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration "10"
    (Safety and Health Hazard Compliant)

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration "30"
    (Prevent Safety and Health Hazards)

  • Licensed In Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, & Florida. Coming soon - Texas, Louisiana, & Mississippi

  • NCCER Member

  • NCCCO Member

  • Certified 3rd Party Tubing Technicians On-Staff
    (Swagelok Courses)


  • WPQ On All Welders

  • Freedom Industries Backflow Inspectors Are Certified Annually Throughout The State Of NC.

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